Application Format [USA]

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Application Format [USA]

Mensagem por Raphael em Qua Nov 25, 2015 4:00 pm

Personal information

Contact (Steam, Xfire, etc.):
How many and which languages ​​you understand ?:
How many hours a day you can play ?:

Clan questions

Why you would like to join us ?:
How did you hear of our clan ?:
What, in your opinion, distinguishes [vP] other clans ?:
You can play with AC on?

General questions

Previous nicknames:
How long play SA: MP ?:
We want people who can write the TCW's / CW's, you can record?
Have you used some kind of cheat ??
Average ping host USA ?:
Average ping host FR ?:
Dynamic or static IP ?:
Previous clans:
You have youtube channel ?:
Any video showing gameplay ?:

Ability issues

Unanswered questions (NOTE) 1-10

Skills note (general)
Experience (general)
You have ?: Teamwork
His ability without C-bug:
His skill with C-bug:

Are you good with that gun? Note 0 to 10:

- Deagle:
- Pump:
- M4:
- Combat Shotgun:
- Sniper Rifle:
- AK 47:
- MP5:

Mensagens : 3
Data de inscrição : 24/11/2015
Idade : 19

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